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Leah Borges

Miami, FL


Certified Gap Selling Trainer

Hey, Meet Leah Borges!
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It’s time to break the mold. Sellers and Sales Teams are struggling – and not getting the training, coaching and support they need. 


Leah Borges is an elite seller, sales strategist and coach, with over 15 years of sales experience. Having sold in the B2B, B2C, Mid Market, SMB and Enterprise spaces, she specializes in SaaS, Consulting, HSE, FinTech and Highly Technical products and services.


Leah has held every sales position, SDR, BDR, AE, Client Executive, Sr. AE – making her uniquely qualified to train and coach Sales Teams and Individual Contributors.

She became a Certified Gap Selling Partner to help Struggling Sales Teams and Individual Sellers adapt to how buyers buy today,  have more success, and implement a process they actually feel good about.


Leah Brings an uncommon mix of Integrity, Authenticity, Honesty and Transparency to the companies that she works with. 


Quite Simply – Sales.Done.Right.



Career Highlights: 


  • 15+ years of Sales Experience, from B2C, to B2B to SMB to Mid Market to Enterprise.
  • Closed everything from small yearly deals under $3k to Multi-year Enterprise Deals worth over $1M.
  • Worked with small businesses of 3-10 people to large enterprises with over 30k employees.
  • Always in the top 5% of Sellers Organization-Wide


B2B | SaaS | Consulting | Fintech | HSE
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B2B | SaaS | Consulting | Fintech | HSE



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