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Self Paced Gap Selling Course

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Online training

WHAT IS Gap Selling
Problem-Centric Training

Most sales trainings were created 30,40,50 and in some cases 60 years ago. If you’re a salesperson, you’ve experienced this. Prospects don’t pick up, they don’t read your emails, they go dark and we wonder why sales has a bad reputation. It’s because salespeople are using decades old sales methods that no longer work.

Gap Selling online training is the first truly problem-centric™ methodology created that puts the buyer at the center of the sale.

Developed from the best selling book, Gap Selling changes the selling landscape leveraging 21st-century selling techniques to change the selling game for YOU!

What you get

What you’ll learn

  • What it takes to get buyers to take your calls
  • How to keep deals from dragging on
  • How to defend your price and stop discounting
  • How to run a world class discovery call
  • How to stop being ghosted
  • How to write emails that get read
  • What buyers are truly looking for from you as a salesperson
  • And more!

Program outcomes

  • Win more deals, (crush your win rate)
  • How to keep deals from dragging on
  • Win more deals FASTER
  • Land bigger deals and discount less
  • Out sell your competition
  • Differentiate yourself from the old school sellers
  • Be seen as a next-level seller

Gap Selling Online Training is Different.

  • Every participant chooses their own journey.
  • Questions are interactive, determining where your training goes.
  • No boring, repetitive talking head videos.
  • It’s like your in the room with an instructor.
  • It’s addicting, you’ll keep wanting to see what’s next . . .

Let’s go.

Become your best.

Psssst…… there’s more!!

Take it to the next level!

Gap Subscription

Don’t just take our training, get a much deeper dose of inspiration for a better value!

Gap Selling
Training COURSE
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Gap+ Masterclasses

Masterclasses expertly crafted and delivered by our Certified Gap Selling partners, ensuring your learning from the best. Designed to boost selling skills quickly and effectively.

Live Events

Designed to keep you at the forefront of industry trends and insights. Interactive webinars, ‘Ask Keenan Anything’ sessions, and hands-on workshops led by Gap Selling experts. 

Get our Online Training PLUS+ new Gap Selling original inspiration every month.
  • Bundle our Training course with GAP PLUS+ and get three extra great services for one low monthly price.
  • Enjoy more for less.

Start your journey

Choose from 4 plans. Starting at $79.99/month.

Problem-Centric Training

Keenan is the energetic and lively author of Gap Selling. Keenan is a teacher and coach by nature. He has an uncanny knack for reducing complex issues into simple, bite-size pieces that are easily digestible. Keenan’s approach to sales training is engaging, direct, entertaining, and personal. He makes you feel as if the training is being delivered personally for you and no one else. Keenan is passionate about sales and has been selling, coaching, teaching and leading sales organizations for over 20 years and his passion and commitment to your success is evident from the second you press play.

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