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Problems We Solve

Certified GAP Selling Trainers are experts at diagnosing the root cause of why your sales teams are losing deals to status quo, deal sizes are lower than expected, sales cycles are growing longer and pipelines weaker. Leveraging GAP Selling solutions, they will work with you to close the gap between where you are today and where you want to go.

What makes our trainers unique in solving these problems?

Meet Our Certified Trainers

Denver, CO

Languages: English

B2B | Saas | Hospitality/Tourism | Hospitality Tech

Berkley, CA

Languages: English (native fluency)Italian (near-native fluency)Spanish (conversational)

Healthcare | SaaS | Nutraceuticals | Laboratories | Functional Medicine

Miami, FL

Languages: English

B2B | SaaS | Consulting | Fintech | HSE

Not everyone can be a gap trainer

Anyone can create an acronym, slap it on a power point and call themselves a sales trainer. Anyone with a fat bank account can buy their way into a sales training franchise. But not just anyone can become a Certified GAP Selling Trainer.

Certified partners are carefully selected and vetted based on a high level of business acumen, critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, coaching ability and facilitation effectiveness.

They must demonstrate their ability to provide emotional safety in the learning environment while consistently challenging their students to stretch beyond their comfort zone. All while possessing an “it factor” that makes them engaging, dynamic and never EVER boring.

What Sales Pros Think About Gap Selling

I enjoyed how it challenged me to look at how deep I’m going at finding the problem with a customer and to focus on business problems, as I tend to focus on technical problems.

Learning the methodology and how to implement gap selling. I see this as a big benefit to our business as a whole and it was great to have someone who has worked in our industry and indeed company to show us a new way to greater success.

The concept. It’s modern, and effective. It speaks to real people not robots!

The way content was instantly relatable to my industry. In many years of sales training, I have never felt like the instructor knew what my role entailed.

The practical applications, Problem, Impact and Root Cause are such useful tools in so many aspects, not just professionally. Love the concept of staying in the current, not future state. Being present as you are asking your questions and getting to know your practitioner.
It is an approach to problem solving and communication and can basically be applied to any situation where we want to solve a problem using critical thinking and a caring strategy where integrity is a given and collaboration fosters success.


How is GAP Selling training different?
The right sales methodology is not enough. For sales training to be effective it must be delivered in a way that maximizes retention, initiates behavioral change and translates to the sellers buyer environment. GAP Selling Training is built on a foundation of adult learning principles and change management with a strong focus on live practice and consistent coaching. Each training is tailored to your unique buyer environment through exercises that ensure focus is on execution, not sales theory. For this reason, it is not uncommon for students to apply the learning to current opportunities and see wins before they even complete the session. Put simply, GAP Selling Training is different because it is built to drive results.
How do I choose a trainer?

Each GAP Selling Trainer has a unique back round, specialty, style and product offering. Dive into their profiles to get a feel for which one is right for your organization. Then schedule a call for a vibe check.

What solutions do they offer?
GAP Selling Trainers offer our full suite of GAP Selling Enablement products including the core GAP Selling Training, GAP Selling Leadership, GAP Selling Prospecting, GAP Selling Reinforcement Suite and GAP Selling Individual Coaching Programs. In addition, many offer consulting, fractional leadership, keynote speaking and their own proprietary training workshops.

The best way to know if GAP Selling Training is right for you is to connect with one of our GAP Selling Trainers for a discovery conversation. Ready to see GAP Selling discovery in action?