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Training Courses

Training Courses

Gap Selling training courses are formal curriculums designed to establish long term knowledge retention using challenging activity-based instructional design. These courses involve live role plays, active coaching, real deal review, peer evaluation, and more. The Gap Selling training courses are far from traditional sales training where sellers kick-back and listen to ideas for hours. All training participants are challenged to actively apply their new knowledge throughout the training.

“Forget about previous sales training you may have done before, this one is different and it’s different for a reason. It will make you think differently and challenge everything you thought you knew about selling to ensure you win more deals.”– G2 Crowd

Training Courses:

Gap Selling Problem-Centric Methodology Course

The Gap Selling Problem-Centric Methodology Course is the foundational instructional that kicks off the Gap Selling learning experience. This course establishes core principles around the psychology of buying, change management, problem identification, command of customer conversations, anchoring a recommendation, and troubleshooting.

Gap Selling Prospecting Course

Gap Selling Prospecting Course is a continuation from the Gap Selling Problem-Centric Methodology course taking the core principles of Problem-Centric Selling and applying them to Problem-Centric prospecting. This course hones in on understanding ICP, personalization, strategy, prioritization, and tactical execution in building the top of the funnel.

Gap Selling Leadership and Sales Management Course

Gap Selling Leadership and Sales Management Course is a continuation of the Gap Selling Problem-Centric Methodology Course. This course teaches leadership and management the skills needed to create long term processes and structure for full organizational transformation in the Gap Selling methodology. This includes building a coaching framework, how to structure deal reviews, running effective pipeline meetings, creating accurate forecast models, and using the CRM.
Software Reinforcement

Software Reinforcement

Training alone isn’t enough. Anyone who has ever learned something new knows that time slowly erodes at new knowledge and skills. This is why we have software to reinforce training for long term adoption and effectiveness, making sure the investment in Gap Selling is secured for years to come.


Noted Analytics

Structured in the Gap Selling Methodology, Noted Analytics Software helps to seamlessly gain information capture into the CRM and foster impactful opportunity review/management with predictive scoring and manager feedback loop.

Gap Selling Online Training

Gap Selling Online Ondemand Training helps Gap Selling organizations onboard new hires right into the methodology as well as provides knowledge refresh on an ongoing basis, keeping concepts fresh and consistent long term.

QStream Testing and Retention

QStream Testing and Retention helps measure post-training learning through weekly micro testing and video answer explanations. With a full dashboard of analytics, see which sellers are mastering the concepts of Gap Selling and who may need extra support.
Reinforcement Packages

Reinforcement Packages

Gap Selling Training Courses are not the end of the learning process, they are the beginning. Gap Selling instructors spend 1-6 months with your sales organization reinforcing the training courses with a variety of reinforcement services. Training courses teach the skills to get down the green runs and reinforcement learning levels-up to the blues and blacks.

Reinforcement Packages:

Problem Identification Chart Development

Sales leadership work in collaboration with a Gap Selling Certified Instructor to create an agreed upon Problem Identification Chart(s) specific to your products and services. These become the guides to all selling playbooks, discovery, demos, deal reviews, etc… It is fundamentally the connection of your products to your customers’ environment.

Call Listening / Coaching

Gap Selling Certified Instructors will listen, notate, and present discovery call analysis using the Gap Selling Coaching framework to help sales reps gain a stronger command in discovery as well as facilitate a manager debrief to enable management to grow their coaching skills for long term learning.

Deal Review

Gap Selling Certified Instructors will analyze, evaluate, and score current opportunities alongside management, helping reps understand their information deficits and potential blind spots in their opportunities. Teaching management how to continue with deal scoring is the fastest path to improving win rates and pipeline forecast accuracy.

Recommendation/Demo Asset Development

Gap Selling Certified Instructors will work in collaboration with sales leadership to redesign recommendation/demo assets to include Problem-Centric messaging, customer Problem customization, and competitive differentiation.

Sales Kick-Off Events

Fun, entertaining, engaging, the Gap Selling crew is anything but boring! Breath new life into your SKO’s and motivate your sales organization. We can join your next event with customized keynotes, workshops, break out sessions, and book signings.
Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Customized to your needs across strategy, structure, people, and process, our team offers a variety of help within the realm of consulting and fractional leadership.

Business Consulting

Sales Consulting/Fractional CRO Services

Skills training your front-line is only part of the equation to a healthy, well run revenue machine. Strategy, Structure, People, and Process all play a key role in sales success.

Fractional RevOps Services

With the world of sales enablement tools growing by the day, creating structured processes and data visualization can be challenging. Growing sales organizations often are not ready for a full time RevOps role, but they do need help setting up a process. Don’t let your revenue machine keep burning up without the oil.

We Are Here For You

Whatever challenge your company might face, you don’t have to solve it alone. Let’s talk about your all your potential — and let’s make it come alive.

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Case Studies

Ryan Cannady, CRO of John Deer Employees Credit Union Increased his bank membership

Ryan was tasked with increasing the number of clients who used Deer Employee Credit Union as their primary banking institution. His team was struggling at helping members see the value of the relationship. Before Gap Selling sales training, only 18% of their 3000 members made DECU their primary financial institution. After Gap Selling, they grew that number to 40% of 7,000 members.


Increase in Primary Institution


Increase in Membership


Shorter Sales Cycle Length


Positive Culture Change

We Are Here For You

Whatever challenge your company might face, you don’t have to solve it alone. Let’s talk about your all your potential — and let’s make it come alive.