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CRO Mark Cope has implemented Gap Selling TWICE in his Career and doubled his close rates

Mark wanted methodolgy and sales training that allowed him to rip up the old script and throw away the old pitch deck. Mark felt all the other sales methods he looked at were slightly flawed. He wanted a sales training that put the customer first, not the seller. By introducing Gap Selling, Mark accomplished his goal of changing the conversations his sales team was having and doubled his close rates. Mark is a Gap Selling lifer!

Ryan Cannady, CRO of John Deer Employees Credit Union Increased his bank membersip by 5x. 

Ryan was tasked with increasing the number of clients who used Deer Employee Credit Union as their primary banking institution. His team was struggling at helping members see the value of the relationship. Before Gap Selling sales training, only 18% of their 3000 members made DECU their primary financial institution. After Gap Selling, they grew that number to 40% of 7,000 members.

Chris Adams, Chief Sales Officer for Scorpion Saw Results in just over a month! 

Chris had to introduce a sale methodology to get his entire team on the same page and replace a less than effective entrenched approach. He had seen and gone through all the other sales trainings from Sandler to Axiom, but saw something different in Gap Selling.  His choice paid off, as he saw results in just over a month and his team was begging for more. 

Don’t just take our word for it… This stuff works!

Matt Gahr, CRO of Emburse, experienced 140% Increase in Bookings

Matt had the challenge of integrating 7 different sales teams and over 100 sales reps, with aggressive goals to increase win rates, increase deal size and sell more solutions. After implementing Gap Selling sales training across his entire organization, Matt saw a 140% increase in bookings against their competitors and doubled replacement deals. He also saw a 70% increase in average products sold per new order, a 23% increase in win rates and an 11% in deal value. 

Limble CMMS had their two biggest months in history after implementing Gap Selling sales training

Although the team was doing “well” Alec McCullough their new sales manager recognized that it was everyone was just doing their own thing. It was every salesperson for themselves. He wanted to improve deal size and win percentage. After Gap Selling sellers have double their close rates, and the company had their two biggest months in company history!

CART.com Randy Ray Compares Gap Selling to Challenger and Sandler

 Randy had gone through several of the sales trainings from Sandler to Challenger. He found Gap Selling sales training revolutionary. In just 90 days from the sales training his teams average sales price increased 300%, and win rates increased 20%.  The entire company embraced Gap Selling and they found an improvement in employee satisfaction. 

Growth Gap to Fortune 500 Acquisition: How Gap Selling Closed a 7 Million Dollar Gap in 12 Months

With the CEO stepping down and a sales team scattered across the globe, Darren knew he needed an adjustment to achieve ARMs’ aggressive growth goals. He approached ASG with a $7 million dollar revenue gap and within 12 months of Gap Selling training, bookings increased 38%, conversion rates improved 50%, getting ARMs right back on track to achieve and exceed 60% year over year growth. This success attracted the attention of Fortune 500 company, Baker Hughes, who acquired ARMs in 2021.

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