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  • Win rates too low?
  • Sales cycles too long?
  • Average deal sizes shrinking?

You’re not alone. We get it, and we get how to fix it.

These problems often happen because sales reps struggle with discovery and bore buyers with canned demos.

Then, reps push monthly discounts to buy now, when they can’t even articulate why they should buy, and why they should buy now…

This all leads to skyhigh CAC, reduced profitability, inaccurate forecasting, losing to the status quo and more…

Sound familiar?

Diagnose the root cause & learn how to solve these problems with a Gap Selling expert today ->

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If my memory was erased and I had to start over in sales and I could only use one tool to train myself--it would be this book." --Casper Fopp, CRO at Wondersign

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