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Gap Selling Method
We believe everyone has the capability to be a great salesperson. The Gap Selling Methodology is a proven system that empowers salespeople with a collaborative selling approach to build credibility with the buyer and develop their personal sales potential.

Gap Selling works because it aligns how buyers like to buy with how sellers like to sell. Other sales methodologies don’t teach sales people how their buyers like to buy– but in Gap Selling, everything is a collaborative effort to move the prospect toward their desired future state.

This doesn’t mean you have to be liked, as other methodologies may have taught you. Buyers purchase from an expert, not a friend. Likability doesn’t factor into your ability to diagnose a problem and work with the prospect to fill the gap.

What Is The Gap Selling Methodology

The Gap Selling Methodology is a sales technique that shifts the focus of the sale from your product to the buyer’s problem. In old-school selling methodologies, focusing on the features and benefits of your product meant the buyer had all the power when it came to understanding the prospect’s true needs. With Gap Selling, we teach you how to find the gap– the space between the buyer’s current and future states– and utilize that information to sell to the real problem the buyer is experiencing.


Gap Selling teaches you how to be Problem-Centric™. We don’t pitch about our product or service, and we don’t try to find the customer’s “pain point” to manipulate a sale. Gap Selling is a collaborative effort with the buyer to identify the true source of the problem, evaluate the cost of that problem, and work together to find a solution to fill the gap.

Different Ways To
Learn Gap Selling

Read The Book

If you’re just starting out in your Gap Selling journey, we would recommend exploring our best selling book, Gap Selling by Keenan. You’ll get the comprehensive picture of what Gap Selling is and how to implement it in your sales techniques. It could be the best $27 you ever invest in your professional development.

Train Today

If you’re ready to dive into the full Gap Selling methodology and put it into practice, Gap Selling Online Training could be the right fit for you. This is an on-demand, interactive, self-paced course that goes beyond the Gap Selling book to teach you practical Gap Selling skills.

Enable Your Team

Want to build a Gap Selling organization? Check out our team training, tailored to any size sales force. Take the guesswork out of your team’s success and see if investing in sales team training would benefit your organization.

Download a FREE chapter of Gap Selling
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