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4 Pillar Approach To Success

If you want to win in sales, if you want a world class sales team, then you must execute flawlessly across these 4 pillars.

The Strategy

Winning, executable, dynamic, progressive, sales strategies primed for the challenges of the 21st Century. A Sales Growth Company helps sales organizations build targeted, executable sales strategies that accelerate revenue, reduce selling friction, and align with overall corporate goals. Starting with a sound, effective sales strategy is paramount to any organization’s success. Strategy acts as the compass, setting the direction and maintaining the course for all other actions and effort. Without a solid strategy, don’t be surprised if you don’t end up where you expected.

How We Help You

  • Goal Setting
    What metrics really matter to delivering on your goals?
  • Ideal Customer Profiles
    Who are truly your customers?
  • Go-To-Market Strategies
    What is your company’s best penetration approach?
  • Messaging
    How are you positioning your story?
  • Execution
    What are the key initiatives to execute on and how?

Strategy is more than pie in the sky ideas. Strategy is a real thing that requires detailed planning and execution. ASG Consulting thrives in making this happen. Not married to some generic formula created in a vacuum, ASG Co. rolls up it’s sleeves and helps its clients create and deliver real-life, executable sales strategies that substantially increase your probability of success.

The Structure

If strategy equates to the goals, objectives and methodologies, and resources required for success, then structure is the organization’s framework or design of the organization to execute the strategy. In other words, structure is the practice of organizing your organization in order to make sure you can execute the strategy.

Organization structure is overlooked far too often. H.R. constraints, lack of understanding of strategic direction, desire to just hurry up and sell, lack of cross functional support and more, routinely stifle sales organizations from creating sales structures designed to support the sales strategy.

How We Help You

Without the right organizational structure, a good strategy will fail fast. A Sales Growth Company makes sure you don’t fall flat on your face. Through tight alignment and a clear understanding of the executable elements, ASG Co. stands up sales organizations uniquely prepared to execute their strategy. We don’t like face plants.

At ASG Consulting, we are fanatics about helping our clients optimize their sales organizations to optimize their pursuit of their strategic objectives. We make sure your organizational structure supports your strategic goals.

The People

You will live or die based on the quality, expertise and attitude of your people, people!

Getting the right people in the right roles and doing the right things is unequivocally the most important aspect of sales execution. Unfortunately, this is the area where most organizations struggle the most.

How We Help You

ASG Consulting is known for sniffing out the winners, knowing who’s belongs in what roles and who needs to go. Yes, sometimes people need to go.

From hiring to coaching, ASG Consulting unlocks the unseen potential of your biggest asset — your people!

We help you get more out of your team than your team could get out of themselves.

Your ability to meet your goals, to accelerate revenue growth, execute the strategy, find new markets, leverage social media, create an engaging culture, solve big problems, and have fun all comes down to your people.

The Process

Process is not a dirty word, we promise.

We get it, salespeople don’t like process. But we say, salespeople don’t like bad processes. They love processes that make them money, help them sell more, and make quota. 

Process is the engine booster you put in your gas tank. Your car can run without it, but it runs so much faster and smoother with it.

How We Help You

Strong sales organizations rely on good, repeatable, and simple processes to remove the selling friction and provide visibility. A Sales Growth Consulting has proven processes that work. We remove friction from your sales cycle. We provide visibility into your sales engine. We provide dashboards that work. We get your sales engine humming. We make process pretty.

Starting with a solid sales process, ASG Consulting supports process development across a myriad of sales functions including:

  • Account Planning and Strategy
  • Pipeline Management
  • Content Management
  • Coaching
  • Sales Team Evaluation
  • Account Governance
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Demo Delivery
  • Hiring Process
  • And MORE…

The key to avoiding process for process sake is understanding where and when process is needed and where it is not needed.

Take Your Sales Organization
To The Next Level

More Than Pie In The Sky Ideas

A Sales Growth Consulting is a progressive Sales Consulting company with one simple mission: to help companies accelerate revenue by developing world-class, 21st-century sales engines.


A Little Insight For Ya…

Here are a few tools to get you on the right path forward.

Sales Team Assessment

You will live or die based on the quality, expertise and attitude of your people, people! They are the horsepower to success, the catalysts to change, and the energy for fun. Unfortunately, people can also be the anchors to growth, the preventers of innovation, and the destroyers of energy. As much as great people can make an organization, the wrong people can bring a sales organization to its knees.

Sales Team Assessment 

Sales Development Toolkit

When it comes to the four pillars of success: Strategy, Structure, People, and Process, they all converge on planning. 

Sales Development Toolkit

Prioritization Worksheet

We are never short of things to do. It’s never an issue of what, but rather what first. We can’t do everything we need, therefore the goal is to do the things that will have the greatest impact. The prioritization worksheet is designed to help you prioritize those things that will deliver the greatest impact to your team.

Prioritization Worksheet