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Robin Treasure

Berkley, CA


Certified Gap Selling Trainer

Hey, Meet Robin Treasure!
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Robin Treasure is a sales trainer, sales coach and #1 Best Selling author of the book Heart-Powered Sales: Grow Your Sales Exponentially with Emotional
Intelligence and Intuition. Having worked in the functional medicine space for eight years as a health coach, top-performing sales rep, and mentor, she now coaches and trains sales professionals in the healthcare industry.

Robin teaches others how she grew her annual revenue as a rep by more than tenfold (to a multi-million dollar territory) in the span of five years for an industry leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements.

She is also a multi-lingual world traveler who has lived abroad in several different countries. After a successful first career as an Italian translator, she transitioned into sales with the key transferrable skill needed in any capacity, in any language: emotionally intelligent communication.

To learn more about Robin and her services visit: robintreasure.com


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