Gap Selling: Problem Centric™ Prospecting Training

Is your sales team generating enough leads on a regular basis?

Can you trust your outbound approach to drive consistent pipeline that will actually turn into revenue?

Is your intra-month pipeline a reliable and accurate representation of your future performance?

A healthy reliable pipeline is at the heart of all successful sales organizations. The root cause of a weak pipeline often lies in the messaging, the activity, or the tech stack.

Alternatively… you could be GETTING enough leads, but simply not winning enough deals.

Which is it for you?

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"Gap Selling works! Our team used Gap Selling and it completely transformed the way we went about selling--as well as our results! It increased sales, shortened sales cycles, and gave us a way to address those frustrating feature and price objections." --Eugene Carr, Founder of Patron Technology"

If my memory was erased and I had to start over in sales and I could only use one tool to train myself--it would be this book." --Casper Fopp, CRO at Wondersign

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