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sales Email Response Probability scorecard

Sales Email Response Probability Scorecard

Rate your sales emails for effectiveness

This simple email rating tool provides you with an effective framework for crafting emails that perform.

Scoring your sales and marketing emails ensures that you don’t waste valuable engagement time with emails that won’t or don’t perform.

Like most things, emails have a success formula and by adhering to this simple scorecard, you can drastically increase your chances of creating emails that your prospects and buyers respond to.

Use this Scorecard to:

  • Ensure that all of your sales emails include the 8 critical success factors


  • See major improvements in your email response rates


  • Score your email, allowing the best to bubble up to the top


  • And MORE…

Download the scorecard now! To learn more about the critical elements of successful sales and marketing emails check out this blog post here.

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The Gap Selling Method course is anything but basic. This class is built to take your sales organization to a new level of sophisticated, professional sales.

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People don’t buy from people they like. No! Your buyer doesn’t care about you or your product or service. It’s not your job to overcome objections, it’s your buyer’s.

Closing isn’t a skill of good salespeople; it’s the skill of weak salespeople. Price isn’t the main reason salespeople lose the sale. Gap Selling shreds traditional and closely held sales beliefs that have been hurting salespeople for decades.

For years, salespeople have embraced a myriad of sales tactics and belief systems that have unknowingly created many of the issues they have been trying to avoid such as: long sales cycles, price objections, no decision, prospects going dark, last minute feature requests, and more. Success at sales requires more than a set of tactics.

Salespeople need to understand the game of sales, how sales works, and what the buyer is going through in order to make the decision to buy (change) or not to buy (not change). Gap Selling is a game-changing book designed to raise the sales IQ of selling organizations around the world.

In his unapologetic and irreverent style, Keenan breaks down the tired old sales myths causing today’s frustrating sales issues, to highlight a deceptively powerful new way to connect with buyers. Today’s sales world is littered with glorified order takers, beholden to a frustrated buyer, unable to influence the sale and create value.

Gap Selling flips the script and creates salespeople with immense influence at every stage of the buying process, capable of impacting the sales metrics that matter:

  • Shorter Sales Cycles
  • Increased Revenue
  • Elevated Deal Values
  • Higher Win Rates
  • Fewer No Decisions
  • More Leads
  • and Happier Buyers

Gap Selling elevates the sales world’s selling IQ and turns sales order takers into sales influencers.