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Who is Responsible for Company Growth?

May 24, 2023

Fueling Company Growth: The Power of a Unified Effort

Why Growth is a Collective Effort

We’re salespeople, we know our value, but are we responsible for growth? Sales is undoubtedly a vital component of a company’s growth. However, it’s extremely shortsighted to attribute the full responsibility of growth to the sales department.

The growth of an organization is a collective effort that encompasses each person, each role, and each department in an organization. Sales is responsible for cultivating and nurturing customer relationships, while R&D innovates and builds new solutions, while the operational duties are carried out by the logistics teams, and finally the strategic-decision making falls on management. Every individual contributes to the overall growth trajectory.


Sales is NOT responsible for a companies growth, everyone is.

That being said, growth isn’t just gonna happen on it’s own my friend. You’ve got to put some serious time and planning in to achieve a crystal-clear vision of how you’re going to grow. This is where your leadership team’s makeup is crucial. They’re responsible for charting the course and crafting a kickass growth plan. Once that plan is in place, it’s game time for everyone. The leadership team sets the direction and lights the fire, but it’s the collective effort and execution that’ll take your company to the next level.

When you’re building a new company or trying to grow, every person has a crucial role. First, the sales team is working their magic, hustling to bring in that revenue. Marketing is out there spreading the word, creating buzz, and generating leads. Product’s job is to build compelling, mind-blow, industry leading products. Finance tackles the growth management, debt, and ensuring a positive cashflow. No one group is the golden ticket to growth. The combined effort, coordination, and synchronization or each member pulls the whole plan together.

Most of you would be surprised to learn how many companies make this rookie mistake over and over again. They put all their eggs in one basket, relying on just one group to bring in growth. Many times its the sales team, thinking hustling harder and pounding more pavement is going to save the day. Other times, it’s product, betting this team can magically produce the ‘next big thing.’ Same thing with marketing, that they can build some revolutionary campaign that will pull customer’s to you in droves. You need the whole crew – sales, product, and marketing firing on all cylinders, complementing each other’s strengths.


Charting the Course for Company Growth

Leadership, this starts with you. If you’re trying to grow your company, this is your time to step up and craft a killer growth plan. Grab your leadership team, put your heads together and start mapping out how this growth is going to be achieved. Outline the sources of growth, the products that will drive the growth, and determine which investments will be made where and why. With the plan in hand, sales, marketing, finance, product, customer service, HR, comes together and executes.

You can YANK on the sales lever. It will get more revenue, but it’s only temporary. It won’t grow the company.

Company growth isn’t the actions of a few, but the effort of many. Company growth starts with leadership and ends with sales and everyone else.

How is growth achieved in your company? Do you have a growth plan?



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