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Gap Sell Keenan 68: But What’s The Problem

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November 18, 2023


You’ve prospected well, you’ve set a meeting, you think it goes well, but the buyer disappears after. What happened? You botched it somewhere. A lot of sellers fail to effectively communicate and highlight the buyer’s problem. You’ve created a scenario lacking in urgency. The buyer is not going to be motivated to change, nor are they going to believe that they need whatever you’re selling.


Why do deals close?

Closed won sales are built upon understanding the buyer’s perspective. When a seller fails to highlight the buyer’s problem, it’s likely because you don’t know enough about the problems you can solve or the buyer’s situation. Deals close, when every stakeholder, influencer, and decision-maker feels the impact of choosing a product/service will be instrumental in solving their problem and reaching their goals.

How do you motivate a buyer?

You must create a sense of urgency to motivate change in a buyer. Buyers will remain in a state of complacency or continue along with the status quo believing that their current process is adequate. They may not see a reason to change, improve, or explore a new opportunity. You need to push these buyers to challenge their current assumptions and make them aware of the true costs of inaction. Not by presenting a solution, but by highlighting the magnitude of their inaction.

In this episode we see an example of that. Our seller does not highlight why Keenan and ASG should focus expansion on international markets. There is no highlight of a problem that Keenan and ASG are currently facing.

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