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Charging for Change: Sales Managers Demand Tips for Training

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February 14, 2024

In a surprising move, sales managers across the country have begun to embrace a practice typically reserved for servers, drivers, and street performers – accepting tips for their coaching services.

Inspired by the success of the service industry and its gratuity-based model, the business world is now catching up with the trend, and seeking guidance as a sales representative now comes with a price tag.

One such forward-thinking sales manager, Allen, unapologetically laid out his perspective on this revolutionary approach, saying, “if one of my reps lands a deal, and I gave them advice, you’re damn right they owe me. You think that dope would’ve closed that deal without me?”


Sales managers now carry an iPad around their necks, refusing to speak until a rep decides whether to tip them 15%, 20%, or 25% of their earnings from the next closed deal. Some creative managers have started wearing aprons and balancing a tray of “food for thought” as they peruse their teams hoping to tempt reps more often.

As with any trend, there are those who raise an eyebrow or two at this new practice. Critics are quick to argue it’s fostering an intense, almost cutthroat competition within the sales teams, where only the highest tippers are privy to the best advice. One rep, Jared, an AE at a Fortune 500 company candidly shared his experience with us, stating “it’s an absolute joke. I couldn’t believe it. I tipped him a generous 20%, and my manager’s ‘sage advice’ was simply, ‘make more calls’ before he turned and walked away.” That 20% later turned into a $1,500 tip.

Despite the controversy, it seems that this trend is here to stay, for now.

This is a work of satire. If you’re seeking genuine, practical insights and strategies to boost your sales performance, we encourage you to subscribe to the ASG Newsletter. We won’t be requesting any tips, we promise.

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