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Gone Without a Trace: The Prospect, The Emails, and The Unexpected Reason

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February 28, 2024

They say even a broken clock is right twice a day, but this scenario was beyond our wildest expectations. For years, sellers have deployed humor as a tool to rekindle conversations that had flatlined. Familiar lines like “Have you fallen and can’t get up?” “Is this no longer a priority for you?” and “You must be really busy or being chased by a hippo” have been common.

For Jordan Smith, one far-fetched option became an alarming reality. For weeks, sellers were perplexed by Smith’s silence, especially after he had shown interest in their offerings. Despite numerous attempts to reach him, sellers messages fell flat. Unbeknownst to them, their playful scenarios about the wide array of situations preventing Smith from responding were not as far from they truth as they thought.


Smith was on what was meant to be a serene vacation, a break from the incessant harassment in his inbox, when he found himself in a harrowing and unforeseeable predicament – in the crosshairs of a determined hippo.

The ordeal began on a peaceful morning walk, intended for quiet reflection. Tranquility quickly dissolved into terror when Smith inadvertently disturbed a hippo, which deemed him an intruder. Contrary to their offensive lineman type appearance, hippos are surprisingly fast, and smith was thrust into an unexpected sprint for his life.

Upon his return, Smith begin to dig through the mountain of emails, replying with a recount of his extraordinary escape.

This is a work of satire, your prospects aren’t being chased by safari animals. You’re not providing enough value for them – Know your customers why.

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