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Live Sales Pitch – Gap Sell Keenan #72 – Does ASG Need Gamification?

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December 16, 2023

This week on Gap Sell Keenan, we’re joined by a gamification company, where Steve from Outbound Game steps in to identify and tackle potential issues within our training protocols. This episode serves as a prime example of the critical importance of understanding your customer and pinpointing the deficiencies in their environment. Without a clear grasp of the potential problem areas, it becomes increasingly difficult to conduct a focused and effective call.


Tackling Discovery Fatigue

Discovery fatigue takes center stage in our discussion, highlighting a prevalent issue in sales where prospects lose interest mid-call or throughout the sales process. This disengagement typically stems from two core issues: inadequate preparation by the seller and a lack of problem-focused coaching. Sellers frequently step into calls without a comprehensive understanding of their client, the client’s business, and the specific challenges they face. This lack of insight often results in bland and unproductive interactions that fail to resonate with the client.

Problem-Solution Gap

Moreover, there’s a noticeable disconnect in effectively linking the problem with the appropriate solution. To effectively bridge this gap, it is crucial for sellers to dedicate time to crafting personalized profiles of their prospects. Additionally, it’s imperative for leadership to precisely articulate the problems their products are designed to solve. This strategic alignment is key to avoiding misunderstandings and ensuring that the solution presented is relevant and compelling to the prospect.


Refining Discovery Calls

Addressing discovery fatigue isn’t about curtailing the discovery process; rather, it’s about refining its execution. The shift needs to move away from a transactional approach to one that is rooted in empathy and insightfulness. By adopting this perspective, discovery can transform into a process that not only engages the client but also provides them with valuable insights, enhancing the overall effectiveness and outcome of the sales interaction.


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