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Gap Sell Keenan 71: Never Stop Learning

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December 9, 2023


We live in a constantly evolving world. Self development, professional development, and learning is a never-ending journey without a final chapter. The ability to adapt is non-negotiable.

Sales has gone through a glow-up in the last 10 years. We been dragged out of the pushy, slimy sales tactics and welcomed in a new era of “selling as helping.” Buyer’s are no longer searching for products, but solutions to their problems. We’ve moved from product pitches to consultative selling, where sellers are the market expert consultant.


Never stop learning

To stay ahead, especially in sales, you must stay on top of your learning journey. Marc is that guy. He’s a seasoned vet, and yet here he is willing to fail for all to see simply with the hope of getting better. He’s on the lookout for ways to level up. This is how you build a successful sales career. And, you can tell how this mindset affects his ability to succeed. He knows what he’s doing.

Check it out, it’s a good one.

Key Learnings

When you’re on a discovery call with a prospect, be careful using anecdotal evidence from previous clients. This resonates sometimes, but it’s not as powerful or convincing as you think. Rather than telling a story about what you normally see as a business problem when a root cause if present, ask the questions. We want to lead the process down a path of self-discovery, you’re the facilitator of the interaction and not the narrator.


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