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Can You Pass The Question Test?

April 26, 2023

Would you like to take a question test that measures your ability to ask questions and improve your chance to win the sale?


Can you have a conversation by only asking questions? Do you think you could have a conversation without making a single statement?  Could you do it without turning the conversation into an interrogation and making the other person/people uncomfortable?


How long do you think you could ask questions before you made a statement or became uncomfortable? Have you ever tried?


Would you be able to put someone at ease and engage with them at their level through the sole use of questions?


Do you think you could teach someone through probing questions, rather than telling or preaching?


How long do you think your conversations would last and how many questions could you ask before you slipped and made a statement? Would it be three, five, ten, twenty? How long before the conversation became awkward?


Do you feel comfortable asking questions rather than making statements?


As a salesperson, have you considered how powerful this ability would be to closing a sale? Have you ever thought about the impact questions could have on your ability to deliver value and position the sale? Have you gotten close to the end of a sale and realized you missed the mark, that you didn’t have all the information and you didn’t know something that was critical to the sale? Did you wish you had asked more questions earlier?


If this has happened to you what did you do to change it? Have you learned to ask more questions? Have you learned how to use questions in a conversational manner? Did you get the results you were looking for or are you still struggling to get the information you want and go right to telling?


Would you like to get better? Can you see the value in asking questions? Are you willing to take the test and try and see how long you can go before you break down and start making statements?


How do you think you would do? Would you pass the test?


Would you let me know how long you can go, by sharing your experiences in the comments?


So, what’s the test?


The next time you’re with a friend, or someone you trust try and carry the entire conversation without making a statement, do you think you could do that?


Good, how long did you go?


Did you 5 questions deep, 10 questions deep, 20 questions deep?


Need more resources to help pass the question test?



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