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Sales Culture Needs to Change

December 3, 2022

Listen up we need to change the sales culture. It’s a complete shit show.


I had a dude reach out to me the other day and he said something like “I don’t know you but I’ve been following you, and I challenge you to a sale – something we’re both familiar with” – I don’t know what he thought we were going to sell. He said I will show you how I can sell it faster than you can sell it longer.


Plain and simple, I don’t get the point. Good salespeople don’t sell shit faster, that’s not a good sale. This is how I know the sales culture and the world of sales is fucked. We so hyper focused on selling it faster and/or selling it for more. The sales culture has created a world where they believe that this is their job – that what separates the good from the bad is speed and profits.


No. Your job, our job is to help people. Full stop. Sales is about selling the right product to the right customer at the right time to make THEIR life easier. It is about selling the right product to solves the problems they are struggling with that are prohibiting them from reach the outcome or outcomes they desire. This toxic sales culture needs to stop.


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For whatever reason we refuse to get out of our own way. The sales world continues to push ideologies that are self-centered, self-absorbed, seller-centric spewing things like “I can sell that faster than you”.  This isn’t a game show, there’s no back and forth:


Contestant 1: “I can sell that in 2 days”

Contestant 2: “Well, I can sell that in a day”

Contestant 3: “I can sell it in 4 hours.”


No. Are you kidding? What is wrong with us? How did the sales culture get to this point? We need a top to bottom, wholesale change to the culture of selling. Selling is about helping your buyer. Selling is about taking the time to understand the world that your buyer is struggling with right now, how that world is negatively affecting them, what they cannot do, where they would like to be, what the challenges are preventing them from reaching this desired outcome and bringing a powerful option to the table that will help them achieve these outcomes and improve their current state.


That’s our job. If that takes two days, two months, two quarters, or two years – it doesn’t matter. As long as we’re doing it in a way that minimizes the impacts to them and gets them what they need as quickly as possible for the right price then, only then, are we doing our job. That’s it.


Nobody gives a shit about us, our products, our services, our company – it’s about them.



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