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A Sales Growth Company Acquires Noted Analytics to Enable Guided-Selling, Proactive Sales Management, and Methodology Embedment

A Sales Growth Company
October 6, 2022

A Sales Growth Company combines the power of Gap Selling and other sales methodologies with Noted Analytics to enable the first proactive sales management process and methodology reinforcement for sales organizations across the globe.


BOULDER, CO. – Oct. 4th, 2022 – A Sales Growth Company (ASG), the leading modern-day sales training and consulting company and the creators of Gap Selling has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Noted Analytics, a leader in guided-selling & proactive sales management.


Every year, tens of thousands of companies invest hundreds of millions of dollars into a sales methodology and training to guide their GTM teams, enable predictable outcomes, and establish a consistent buyer journey. And yet, regardless of the methodology, sales organizations struggle to realize the anticipated value, primarily due to a lack of adoption.


What is talked about in a day-long training session is soon forgotten if not reinforced by leadership. Still, leadership has not been equipped with the proper training and tools to be able to protect and maximize the return on their methodology investment. 


Noted Analytics set out to fix this problem, by focusing on both sides of the coin – adoption from reps on the frontline and easy reinforcement for leadership.


The result is improved win rates, better forecasting accuracy, and accelerated sales velocity.


Noted Analytics does this with proprietary “natural user experience” that makes it easy to turn typed, handwritten, and spoken notes into structured, field-level updates in CRM. Managers, in turn, collaborate with reps to assess deal health, leave prescriptive feedback on the sales opportunity, and ultimately, ensure that the methodology they’ve invested in is being applied properly.


A Sales Growth Company, the creators of Gap Selling, recognized the value that Noted Analytics will bring to sales organizations across the globe.


CEO and Chief Antagonist, Keenan, stated: 


CRMs have been cesspools of useless information for decades. Reps hate putting information in. Managers don’t trust what the reps DO put in. The end result is an activity management device that doesn’t improve forecasting, help with deal reviews, or increase the probability of closing the deal. It’s no wonder that sales reps view updating the CRM as a chore.


The combination of Noted Analytics and ASG’s Gap Selling: Problem Centric™ sales methodology gives managers insight into deals at a level they’ve never experienced, allowing managers to be proactive instead of reactive, and enabling them to actively guide the sale every step of the way. Not to mention the analytics to see what information is pertinent to closing a deal, what problems the market is facing at scale, and how to adjust messaging and conversations accordingly.


The acquisition of Noted Analytics augments A Sales Growth Company to not only be the go-to for modern selling, but the go-to for reinforcing the actions needed to maximize the return on investment with all sales methodologies. 


CEO and Chief Antagonist, Keenan, reiterates: 


Too often sales training is a one-and-done thing. Organizations spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to upskill their salespeople, only to have the training lose its impact and the team default to their old habits. The A Sales Growth Company/Noted Analytics combination will provide sales organizations with a robust leave behind process and tool to reinforce the Gap Selling methodology AND measure its effects on the sales team post-training and years later. 


CEO and Co-Founder, Matt Walsh, shares: 


Sales teams want predictability, and this requires good information to be structured in CRM. Unfortunately, this same structure traditionally creates friction for reps and prevents managers from knowing what’s happening in opportunities. As leaders struggle to balance capturing data with productivity, Noted Analytics introduces a way to bridge the gap that helps teams avoid uncertainty and create an effective and repeatable sales motion based on Gap Selling, MEDDIC, and other leading sales methodologies.


About: A Sales Growth Company

A Sales Growth Company is a leading sales consulting and training company. Creators of Gap Selling, the most effective and innovative sales training methodology created in the last 60 years, A Sales Growth Company is an international company working with clients around the globe. A Sales Growth Company’s mission is to change the way the world sells from a seller focused product-centric approach today, to buyer focused problem-centric approach tomorrow.


Media Contact:

Braedi DeLong, Vice President of Operations, A Sales Growth Company
E: braedi@salesgrowth.com


About: Noted Analytics

Noted Analytics is a sales and marketing tech software company out of Boston. Their guided selling for CRM platforms revolutionizes the way revenue teams capture, evaluate, and measure sales effectiveness. The mission is to “meet the user where they are”, whether that means you prefer a laptop, phone, or tablet; or you take typed, handwritten, or spoken notes. However you want to work, it’s Noted.


Media Contact:

Matt Walsh, Founder & CEO, Noted Analytics
E: matt@notedanalytics.com


A Sales Growth Company Acquires Noted Analytics

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