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Sales Management Tools: The Behaviors vs. Results Matrix

October 7, 2023

Managing a team effectively is akin to fine-tuning an engine. Every piece must work effectively and in coordination with each other. One of my all-time favorite management tools? The Behaviors vs. Results Matrix.


Simplicity: The Key to Effective Team Management

You see, in sales management or hell, team management in general, simplicity is key. This behaviors vs. results matrix is straightforward, effective, and it’s the kind of tool that can turn your team into that machine you’ve been pushing for.

As a sales manager, you are the captain of the ship. You need to ensure your team is steering the ship in the right direction but also rowing together. Let’s breakdown the power of this matrix, understand it components, and learn how to place your team members in the right places.


The Foundations of Effective Sales Team Assessment

At it’s core, the matrix is made of up two elements – behaviors and results, the building blocks of effective employee assessment.

Behaviors – the “how” in your team’s performance. The behaviors portion is how your team members conduct themselves, collaborate, and interact within the organization. Are they playing nice within the company’s values and cultures? Do they get along with others or are they constantly stirring the pot? Examine your team members, attitudes, actions, and conduct.

Results – The “what” of the equation. It’s as straightforward as it sounds. What are your people supposed to accomplish and did they get it done? Results are the tangible outcomes, the goals achieved, the targets met or unmet.

The beauty of this system – the matrix doesn’t deal in shades of grey. It’s binary – yes or no. No complicated scoring systems or ambiguous evaluations. Behaviors and results, each with a clear thumbs-up or thumbs-down verdict. When you’re assessing your team using this matrix, you’re asking this very simple question: are they doing what I expect of them, both in terms of how they behave and what they achieve? That’s it and it’s damn effective.

Once you have your matrix, it’s time to start sorting your team members.


The Behavior Vs. Results Matrix

Image illustrating the Behaviors vs. Results Matrix, a tool for employee assessment and management, with quadrants highlighting different performance levels.

Quadrant 1: Top Right – The Rockstars

Behaviors: Check. These folks are meeting and potentially exceeding in terms of their behaviors. They’re the team players, the ones who embrace the company culture and values. They’re willing to collaborate and push the team forward whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Results: Check. They’re achieving goals and hitting their targets. They deliver month in and month out, quarter in and quarter out.

What to do: Simple – shower them with love! These are your star players and they’re driving your team’s success. Recognize and appreciate them, because they’re worth bending over backwards to keep them performing.


Quadrant 2: Top Left – Nurturing Potential

Behaviors: Check. These folks are acing the behaviors portion. They’re on board with company values and their attitude is top-notch.

Results: Not quite. They’re falling short in terms of results, but don’t write them off just yet.

What to do: These folks have potential written all over them. They’ve got the right attitude and are playing by the rules, but there’s a missing piece somewhere. It could be a skills gap, a need for coaching, or they could be in the wrong role. Work closely with them, provide guidance, and help them move to the right quadrant.


Quadrant 3 – Bottom Right – Addressing Attitude Problems

Behaviors: There’s a problem here. Behavior is the sore spot for this person. They’re not playing nice, and their attitude needs an adjustment.

Results: Check. They’re achieving their desired results but at what cost?

What to do: These folks need a reality check. Attitude problems are a choice, and they’re choosing not to align with the company’s values and culture. Set strict timelines for them to shape up or ship out. Don’t waver; it’s time for a wake-up call. No one should be allowed to disrupt the team’s harmony.


Quadrant 4 – Bottom Left – Take Action Now

Behaviors: Nope. They’re not behaving. These individuals are not meeting the expectations, they have a bad attitude, and aren’t adding any value to the organization.

Results: Oh boy, not hitting their numbers either. The double whammy.

What to do: This quadrant should be empty. If someone ends up here give them 30 days. If they don’t adjust within that 30 days it’s time to take action, involve HR, and bid them farewell. They’re a drain on resources and don’t belong on your team.


Streamlining Sales Management

Take the matrix and give your teams a quick assessment. How many rockstars do you have? How can you move your quadrant 2’s and 3’s into quadrant 1?

When you’re dealing in employee management, simplicity is your ally. The Behavior vs. Results matrix simplifies the process of assessing your team’s performance down to only the necessary assessments. By focusing on behaviors and results, you’re now equipped to make better-informed decisions about your team.

Effective sales management isn’t about wielding power; it’s about guiding your team forward. Shower your rockstars in praise, take the time to coach up your 2s and 3s, and cut the dead weight of the quadrant 4s. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

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