Sales Success & The King Midas Effect

September 13, 2023

How is King Midas Related to Sales Success?

What do you touch that turns to gold?

An answer to that simple question is the key to your success in sales, business, relationships and . . .  shit let’s just say life in general.

Do you remember who King Midas was?

King Midas was the cat who wished that everything he touched turned to gold. His wish was  granted by Dionysus the goddess of partying, wine and getting busy (ecstasy) for returning her beloved school master to her.

Upon his request, everything King Midas touched turned to gold. The story has a less than stellar ending, as he turns his daughter into gold, but for the purposes of our metaphor, this is a great story.

When you think about your impact in an organization, do you think about it in terms of gold (the value you bring to the environments you work in)? You should.

What impact do you have on the people and organizations you touch?


What changes do organizations experience because of your presence?

What goals are reached because your are there?

What is improved because of you?

How is the organization different?

What value do you bring to organizations?

What do organizations get that they didn’t because or your presence?

Do you know?

Having a King Midas Effect is the key to a successful career. You must turn something to gold.

The key to the King Midas Effect is to know it, build it, and promote it. You have to know what your value is to an organization when your present vs when you are not. You have to know how your presence influences organizations. Once you do, you have to build on it. You have to grow it and develop it to perfection. Your Midas touch will not last forever if not tendered to. Once you know what it is and you’ve built it, then promote the shit out of it. Start touching stuff. Show the world what it is you turn to gold. Create demand for yourself and if you can’t, you might want to revisit your touch.

The King Midas effect is knowing the value you bring as a salesperson, (insert any other role here) to your employers, your customers, your peers and to your market – the embodiment of successful sales characteristics. It’s understanding the value of your work, the effort and the impact it makes. Everyone wants their version of gold, its your job to give it to them.

Are you the King Midas of your industry? What is your golden touch, what do you turn to gold? Can you answer that question right now?

You better!

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