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Selling on a High Note: A Melodic Twist in Cold Email

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March 13, 2024

In an odd twist to the ever-evolving “next best thing” in cold email, some forward-thinking sales orgs are introducing a melodic approach to client engagement: personalized songs.

This new initiative, which replaces the standard cold email or call with custom-made tunes, has allegedly led to a harmonious increase in prospect response.

“We realized that our clients were getting inundated with the same old emails and phone calls from hundreds of companies,” said Jamie Harmon, a rep deploying this new tactic. “We decided it was time to hit a different note, literally.”


Jamie has partnered with local musicians and sound engineers to compose unique songs for each client, tailored to their interests, previous interactions, and a reps favorite rapport building facts.

“The response has been music to our ears,” Harmon added. “We’re getting way more responses from clients, they don’t buy anything, but we’ve got our foot in the door.”

In a world where emails go unread and calls go unanswered, it seems a little bit of rhythm and rhyme might just be the secret to winning over clients.

This is a work of satire…for now. If you want clients to answer your emails – give value. Read this free eBook to get started: How to Create Sales Emails that Actually Get Opened

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