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Gap Selling Testimonial: How ASG Helped ARMS Reliability Reach Acquisition

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December 14, 2022

Gap Selling Testimonial: Closing a 7 Million Dollar Gap In 12 Months.

What can a 38% Increase in Bookings, 50% Increase in Conversions, and closing a 29% Growth Gap do for a company? Acquisition by a Fortune 500 organization.


Darren Gloster, Chief Operating Officer of ARMS reliability at Baker Hughes Company, knew he needed to make a change. ARMS Reliability was 29% off their 5-year plan, they weren’t at the 60% annual-growth company they wanted to be, they weren’t making their growth goals.


With their founder/CEO stepping down the future of the business was left with Darren and his partners who planned to focus on growth. The company was doing a lot of new things – expanding to new geographic locations, selling new products, and selling an enterprise level product – something they had no experience with. The sales team was spread across the globe, reporting to different regional managers, with no training or selling standard. The teams were too product focused and were not pinpointing the client’s problems their products could solve.


After searching Amazon for the top sales authors, Darren focused in on Gap Selling. He found a keynote presentation Keenan had presented in Austin a few years prior and reached out to ASG and set a meeting in Austin.


“I liked Keenan’s style and connected with him… He was the only one that really challenged my though process about what we needed to do, whereas a lot of the other consultants were happy for me to describe what the end solution needed to look like.”


ASG started to rebuild ARMS’ sales team. Starting with a new Global Sales Director trained by ASG, followed by training the whole sales team in Gap Selling. Finally, after the training, ASG stayed with ARMS to assess the capabilities of their sales team and whether or not they could successfully sell ARMS’ new enterprise level products.


“ASG acted as a kind of mentor, coach, and advisor.”


Within 12 months – bookings increased 38% and conversion grew from 30% to 45%. ARMS was back on track – their 29% gap had been closed and they were now on track to exceed their growth goals. Another major positive? This success did not go unnoticed. ARMS was acquired by Baker Hughes in April 2021. Gap Selling had not only closed their growth gap but attracted a Fortune 500 purchaser.


“I can’t imagine selling in any other way. We increased pipeline, we improved our win rate percentage, or reps were selling more across the board, our bookings and orders increased.”


If you or your organization are facing similar issues, click here to schedule a discovery call with our sales team to learn if we can help you implement a new sales strategy.


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