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Testimonial: How Matt Gahr and Emburse Increased Bookings 140%

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August 30, 2022

Increased bookings, higher close rates, beat competitors more consistently – the outcomes Matt Gahr, CRO of Emburse achieved after implementing Gap Selling.


Emburse had recently completed a number of acquisitions which meant they had essentially 7 different sales teams selling in 7 different styles, leading to each team trying to sell the same customer a different solution. This inconsistency fueled a low close rate and deals being lost to Emburse’s competitors. Matt recognized a need to unite his sales staff while assessing his team’s sales objectives.



  • Make clear which solutions fit certain sales scenarios
  • Sell more solutions
  • Drive a higher close rate
  • Beat competitors more consistently


Matt shopped around for external training methodologies. During this search, he realized that, his sales team was not a fit for script based approaches:


“It’s too simple, I think for segment teams, SMB mid-market enterprise, a global enterprise, we do business with the largest companies in the world. You can’t just throw a crafty script at those types of things and think you’re going to get that deal done.”


Then he found ASG and Gap Selling through LinkedIn. Matt found the content on LinkedIn to be smart, direct, logical, and gritty – it was usable and something that could be implemented right away. Following the training from ASG, Emburse has seen the following.



  • 140% increase in bookings
  • 70% increase in average products per new booked order
  • 23% increase in win rate


If you or your organization are facing similar issues, click here to schedule a discovery call with our sales team to learn if we can help you implement a new sales strategy.
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