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How Can You Double Your Sales Record? Ask Limble’s Alec McCullough.

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September 7, 2022

Is it possible to double your sales records, double your close rates, and push more deals forward? A tall task for some, but as Alec McCullough, Natalie Harbin, and Jeremy Vujnovich of Limble CMMS will tell you, it’s an almost immediate outcome following Gap Selling training.


Sales teams need to be a cohesive unit, it’s not called a team for no reason. When Alec McCullough was promoted to the Sales Manager role at Limble CMMS their sales strategy was in his words “every man for himself.” His first task was to find the problems faced by the sales team and address them. This list included the following:



  • Lack of sales management
  • No official training or methodology
  • No sales onboarding process
  • Undefined sales processes
  • inconsistent performance


These issues created a butterfly effect that could be observed when Alec assessed his team’s benchmarks. When considering what success would look like he considered the list below to be the most crucial objectives:



  • Increase deal size
  • Improve close rate
  • Shorten sales cycle
  • Overall pipeline/deal management


With these goals in mind, Alec knew he needed to bring in a third party sales trainer. Having previously read Gap Selling, following Keenan on social media, and being a consistent viewer of the Gap Sell Keenan series, he turned to A Sales Growth Company first.


I had previously read Gap Selling – really enjoyed the book and everything, I knew just reading the book wasn’t going to be enough, it wasn’t enough of a tool or reinforcement. We needed more. I was a big fan of Gap Selling, from a methodology approach, it’s the one that most resonates with me, it makes the most sense, it does give you a competitive advantage over other organizations, that may be using some of these other sales processes or methodologies, because you are going to be different than your competition.


In the two months following the training, Alec’s team has made some major improvements to their sales numbers. Limble CMMS and their sales team has seen:



  • Doubling of close rates for some Sales Reps
  • Two biggest sales months in company history
  • Doubling of their sales record
  • 5-10% improvement in close rates overall


As Alec will tell you – the concepts of Gap Selling are simple, they make sense, however, it is hard to be a good Gap Seller. But when a team is properly trained and reinforced the outcomes speak for themselves. Natalie Harbin, an Account Executive with Limble, who previously had not done sales in an official capacity prior to this role had this to say about the training:


It works for every industry and it really got to the root of why people buy and how to help them make a good decision. As a sales person, I don’t just see myself as somebody that’s coming in to try to get them to buy, I really want to provide a good solution and a good fit – it just really resonates with the idea – if there’s no gap there’s no sale.


If you or your organization are facing similar issues, click here to schedule a discovery call with our sales team to learn if we can help you implement a new sales strategy.


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