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Testimonial: Throw Out Your Sales Scripts – Harness Your Team’s Critical Thinking To Engage Buyers

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September 14, 2022

Stagnated salesforce, Misaligned sales team, sales reps just going through the motions? Stop reading sales scripts, stop reacting, and stop trying to establish a formula to make a sale happen. Enhance your sales team’s critical thinking to boost your numbers.


Chris Adams, the Chief Sales Officer at Scorpion Design, has spent the last 20 years with different companies and has been a part of several acquisitions during this time. Each time there has been an acquisition, a new sales methodology has been implemented from the parent company. These methodologies all have similar traits:


  • Keep the client in focus
  • Ask questions to better understand the client
  • Figure out how to get the client from where they are to where they want to be


Chris, after taking over the CSO position, decided he needed something different. He needed a way to integrate his new hires into the Scorpion Sales team. After talking to the sales team he was left with 2 options, train the new hires on the existing sales methodology or start fresh. Chris took the 2 methodologies and put them to a rubric and ultimately decided on Gap Selling.


What was different with a Sales Growth Company, it was about sellers thinking and being engaged and making sure that they didn’t just go through a bunch of questions and answers. I came to Scorpion and I think about where our salesforce was and I’m like, ‘okay if I don’t think that I can get those brand new sellers over to that other selling methodology, let me find something that’s easy to implement that has a really good track record’ – and through all of our vetting, we found that Gap and A Sales Growth Company as a partner was the best fit.


When asked what the most rewarding part of the job was Chris told us – Coaching people and seeing people grow and get better.


What I really liked with ASG and Keenan especially we were very well aligned in that we could make the hardest thing that I have to do an easier thing. We would have to plant those seeds and challenge people to start to think in order to grow and in turn I get to do more of the thing that makes me most happy which is watch people grow and watch them get better.


What’s changed since the training for Scorpion?


  • Re-energized Sales Team
  • Increased Selling Enthusiasm
  • Increased Critical Thinking
  • Higher Customer Engagement


What separated Gap Selling and A Sales Growth Company from the others?


People just typically facilitate, They don’t train for people to actually get better, they are “I’ve come, I’ve delivered the message, Hopefully they got it” – and they move on. I didn’t feel that way. There was nothing robotic about the approach. It was in the moment. Genuine. It was one of those things where you could identify with it. It felt very personalized. You can tell from the very beginning that his intent was for people to learn, for people to get better. That was really nice because I felt like he wasn’t going to just pull up short and let people get away with things, he wasn’t going to let people just check themselves out of the process.

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