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How To Be A Great Salesperson – 8 Things To Separate Yourself From Good Salespeople

October 19, 2022

Good and great salespeople both know their products, they both understand their customers, and they both make their numbers. The difference between good and great salespeople is HOW they do their job. To separate yourself from the pack and be a great salesperson follow these tips.


React and Tell Vs. Ask and Create

A good salesperson tells – Competent in their knowledge of their products and their products value good salespeople win by wowing clients with the products. To be a great salesperson you have to always be asking. Great salespeople probe, dig, inquire, and assess, looking to better understand the clients point of view, in an effort to create a solution that will best meet the client’s needs.

A good salesperson reacts to demand. They quickly jump on customer requests, offering good strong product solutions to meet their customer’s needs. A great salesperson creates demand. They are adept at identifying dormant or latent business problems, problems unseen by the customer and turning them into opportunities.


Selling an Idea Vs. Selling a Vision

A good salesperson understands their customer’s business at a high-level. They understand what products they sell and who the business’ customers are. To be a great salesperson you must be intimate with not only your customer’s business, but also, your customer’s business processes, industry players and competitors. Great salespeople have an in-depth knowledge of governmental regulations, trends and business models. Great salespeople become experts in their customer’s entire business environment.

A good salesperson sells an idea. To be a great salesperson means selling a VISION using Gap Analysis. By building the Gap between what exists and what could be, a great salesperson drives demand by creating a compelling action vs. no action scenario.


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Your Product Vs. Their Problems

A good salesperson is known for knowledge of THEIR products and building relationships based on this knowledge. To be a great salesperson you must be an expert of the customer’s industry, its trends, and the ability to identify solutions from that knowledge and build relationships based on this knowledge.


Selfish Vs. Selfless

A good salesperson builds strategies and plans themselves. A great salesperson builds their sales strategies and plans with their customers.

A good salesperson sees themselves as great salesperson. A great salesperson sees themselves as trusted advisors or consultants.

A good salesperson is trusted with their products. A great salesperson is trusted with their customer’s business.


Being a good salesperson requires focus on “selling” and moving product. To be a great salesperson requires a focus on business; how, who, what, when and why things are happening with your customer’s business.


A good salesperson will make their quota, they will be valuable to your organization. A great salesperson will also make their quota, but over the long haul they will always outperform good salespeople. Great salespeople will not only be invaluable to your organization, but they will also be invaluable to your customers and that is the true difference between good and great salespeople.


Are you invaluable to your customers?


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