The Element of Intrigue [How to Avoid Being Just Another Salesperson]
March 8, 2022

stand out with intrigue

Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Just Another Salesperson?

Looking around at the state of the sales industry today, I get the sense that everyone’s methods are exactly the same. I think too many sales organizations, salespeople AND sales leaders are playing from the same playbook.


I don’t see enough innovation. I spend an incredible amount of time with salespeople and sales leaders, and the most common thing I see is how similar they all are. Most everyone hires based on the same hiring principles. Most everyone prospects using the same prospecting principles. Account planning, contests, cold calling, performance reviews, product pitches, quota management, etc. all look pretty much the same. It feels like everyone is reading from the same script.

There’s a shocking lack of originality in today’s sales organizations. I see a lot of the same from company to company.

I don’t see enough salespeople being creative and unique in their prospecting or selling. I don’t see enough sales leaders instituting unconventional, unique, creative processes, strategies, methodologies, or processes to gain an advantage. Everyone is playing from the same playbook.

Winners win, because they do things differently. They see things differently than others. Winners create their own playbook.

Are you playing from the same playbook as everyone else?

The Intrigue Factor

This is where the concept of intrigue comes in. The human brain spends years creating patterns to help us observe (or block out) the things around us. If you consciously ignore the same message over and over again, your brain will pick up on patterns of things you don’t want to give your energy to. Eventually, blocking out those messages becomes automatic.

Insert intrigue: the element to disrupt your brain’s pop-up blocker. When something is unfamiliar and new, the human brain can’t help but stop and do a double-take. The element of intrigue is like a cheat code to get around the automatic “no” filter in your prospect’s brain. When you’re able to trigger curiosity through intrigue, the prospect almost can’t help but stop and listen.

Thankfully, my team did all the work so you don’t have to. Check out our free ebook that breaks down the concept of intrigue (and all the crazy science behind it) right here on our website.

Learn how to create intrigue and start your new creative journey! 

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