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Simple Prospecting Tip – Why Should I Talk To You

March 16, 2022

Before any sale begins there’s an early win we need. Our target must engage with us. They have to be willing to have a conversation.

Basic concept in theory, one that we all know at this point, but in practice, this is a challenge. Worse, even though it’s a simple concept, salespeople often forget about it. There’s a tendency to make this mistake repeatedly by not giving the prospect a compelling reason to talk.

Listen. Your prospect is busy, tired, and inundated with tasks to accomplish. Your email, LinkedIn message, or phone call is interrupting their day. To get through all that clutter, before you hit send, ask yourself, “Why should this person take the time to talk to me?”


Basic Prospecting Strategy

Why should your prospect take 15 minutes out of their crazy schedule to have a conversation with you, a stranger? What’s in it for them?

Your answer matters. A baseless pitch or story about your product? That’s not valuable. If your reason has anything to do with your product’s features, you’re going the wrong way.

Take a look at your marketing material, past emails, and your voicemail pitch. Are they compelling? Do they inspire a response, callback, or return email? Yes, why? Validate this by asking a current client or buyer. If they received this email or voicemail, would they respond? If yes, good work. If no, time to reevaluate.


Think Like The Buyer

If you wouldn’t respond to your own email, fix it. Change your messaging. Focus on the buyer’s perspective and give them a solid, compelling reason to talk to you.

You can’t start a sale if no one wants to talk. No one will talk to you if you haven’t given them a good reason to do so. Hearing about your product, it’s features, it’s amazing return for other clients, is not a compelling reason.

Would you respond to your emails if you were the prospect? Probably not.

Fix it.

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