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Stop The Product-Centric Selling: This Simple Sales Tip Will Change Everything You’ve Known About Selling

March 23, 2020

Sales is suffering from 9 brutal ills:

  1. The Bro Culture
  2. Lack of Coaching
  3. Too Product-Centric and Not Problem Centric
  4. Not enough salespeople understand the game/rules of sales
  5. Too much reliance on selling tools.
  6. Not enough training in the industry/space
  7. Too much activity management
  8. Little respect for prospects and buyers time
  9. Not enough humility


There’s a little secret to selling that I’d like to share with you.  It’s pretty simple, yet far too many salespeople don’t do it and it costs them quota, presidents club and more.


We have a tendency to be product-centric. We lean too heavily on our product, product features, and product benefits. We get excited and when given the chance, we start sharing all the wonderful things our product does, and how it’s the greatest thing ever.


The problem with this is, it creates the black hole we all dread. You know what I mean. That black hole where you’ve finished your PITCH and now that the client has all the product information, they tell you they’ll get back to you. Suddenly, you get stuck sitting and waiting. The power of the sale is now completely out of your hands.


To keep this from happening, let me propose a different approach.


Shift from product-centric selling to problem-centric.


You see, once you stop sending your product knowledge to buyers BEFORE you get their problem knowledge, you avoid the black hole and you keep from getting stuck having to make those stupid follow up calls.


Check out this 2 minute video where I explain the difference between product-centric selling and product-centered selling. I guarantee you’ll be re-evaluating your whole approach to the way you sell.



Stop sending your product knowledge and information to your buyer before you get the problem knowledge.  It’s a game-changer. 

For more ideas about embracing a better way to sell, check out our Gap Selling book right here on Amazon.

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