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Lucidchart and Gap Selling – Boom!

October 29, 2019

Lucidchart and A Sales Growth Company teamed up to help layout the Gap Selling process and make it easier to leverage with your sales team.


Using Lucidchart’s amazing tool, it’ even easier to understand and align your sales process to a gap selling, problem-centric sales process.


We used the process of buying a car as an example because it’s something everyone can relate to. I recommend you customize your own Lucidchart with information specific to your buyers and target customers. What problems do your products and services solve for them?


To help with this exercise, feel free to download the Problem Identification Chart here.


Gap Selling is all about the space (gap) between the current state and the future state. This Lucidchart does a great job of laying it out and highlighting what type of information is critical to managing successful gap selling sale.


Go here and download your own, editable Gap Selling Lucidchart, it’s dope.



Bonus: If you look at the tabs on the bottom, you’ll also see the one above as well on how to manage and get the “next yes.”


I think you guys will enjoy this. It’s a great addition and reminder to those already using Gap Selling.


Enjoy and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to hit me up.


If you or your sales team want to learn more about building your PIC or Lucidchart, reach out to our sales team.


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