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Testimonial: Invest in Your Employees > Increase SaaS Values 300%

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September 28, 2022

300% increase in SaaS value, 20% increase in win rates, increasing employee satisfaction – How Cart.com created a winning sales culture. (Hint: Invest in your employees)


Sales training does not need to be an emergency. Young companies, growing companies, even established successful companies can benefit from training. Cart.com is one such example of this. As Randy Ray, the Chief Revenue Officer for Cart.com told us, their sales team was very successful, their win rates were high compared to their market competitors and the company was growing. However, there were still improvements to be made.


“I felt that there were missing components related to how we were approaching things, like discovery, to drive the value that we wanted to drive.”


Randy saw his sales team becoming order takers and knew he had to address it before it became an issue. Having already read Gap Selling and being a believer in the methodology, Randy saw an opportunity to invest in his team and double down on their existing success. His previous experiences with sales leaders and Gap Selling had created a personal style and methodology that he wanted to bring to the organization.

For Cart.com and Randy, Gap Selling was a significant investment, but the results from the training were almost immediate.


“It’s only been 90 days since we’ve come out of the overall training. It’s been a night and day difference in terms of what we’ve seen. Our SaaS values have gone up 3x, just over 300% from what we were initially able to charge because we’re asking better questions and we’re taking advantage of the methodology. Win rate’s gone up 20%.”

The improvements in numbers are a tangible result and success for Cart.com, but for Randy there were other very important outcomes, one being something that Keenan has said time and time again.


The book does a great job of walking through the methodology, but what I will tell you is the training is really where it’s at”


Randy continued on to say that the training highlights portions of the book and brings all these concepts to light. But one of the key factors of Cart.com’s success came because of organizational buy in. The investment and engagement with the training was not just the sales team, but the marketing team, product marketing team, product team, etc. This buy in, Randy believes, has been instrumental to the value add for the organization. The biggest value add to Cart.com?


We’ve been able to measure, from a survey perspective, employee satisfaction or employee happiness in their job. People were very appreciative of us investing in their careers. They feel like they’re in a better position to be successful and to drive the revenue that they’re held accountable to.


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