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The Best Sales Trainings and How to Choose the Right One

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June 7, 2022

How to Choose the Best Sales Training for Your Team

So you’re looking for sales training for your team. There are literally decades of trainings and methodologies to choose from, each with its own argument for why they stand alone as the best. A walk down memory lane will likely start with Sandler Sales Training, which emerged in the 1960’s and encouraged salespeople to approach each deal with a cutthroat, kill-or-be-killed mindset.  Miller Heiman’s  Conceptual Selling methodology, introduced in the 80’s, emphasized the importance of relationship-building and solution-oriented selling. SPIN Selling was created soon after in 1988, with its own technique centered around asking the right questions at the right times. MEDDIC taught salespeople how to qualify an opportunity based on 7 pre-defined qualification criteria. Modern sales training companies that have gained steam as of late are Grant Cardone’s 10x Rule, Brian Tracy’s Success Mastery Academy, and of course, our very own Gap Selling.

When searching for the best sales training for your team, how do you make the right choice when they all claim to be the best? Sales training is typically a hefty investment, and no leader wants to be responsible for picking a training that doesn’t fit their team. How do you make a decision when there are endless sales methodologies to choose from?


The most important first step you can take is to move away from product-centric buying and shift to a Problem Centric™ buying approach. In Gap Selling, we teach Problem Centric™ selling, but the same lesson applies to buyers, too. In product-centric buying and selling, the focus is on what the product can do for you. Features and benefits, longevity bias, and price all factor into a product-centric buying approach. Product-centric buying can create a black hole of searching for the best sales training companies, only to end with an arbitrary choice made out of decision fatigue. While you’re at it, pay attention to how your seller is selling you, too. Are they dumping features and benefits on you, or addressing the root cause of your problem?

When you buy through a Problem-Centric™ lens, you as the buyer begin your journey by completely ignoring the product options. Instead, you start by identifying the problem you’re looking to solve for your team. You should be able to answer exactly what the problem is in your sales organization that you’re looking to solve, and why you’re in need of sales training. Once the problem is defined (no shortcuts, don’t forget to ask “why”!), then you’re in a position to evaluate your options with full knowledge of what problem sales training needs to solve for your organization. That’s how you find the best sales training– not through a frantic Google search, but through understanding the problem you need to solve and picking the sales training company that aligns most closely with that problem.


Check out the video below to learn more about how to pick the best sales training for your team!


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