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The Impending Digital Battle Over Your Inbox

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March 27, 2024

It was only a matter of time before AI took over both sides of the cold email equation. With all the recently launched sales outreach platforms that promised to revolutionize personalized cold emails at scale, one new product is shaking things up. BotResp, the first AI responder service, is having AI handle those AI-written emails on the recipient’s end.

“Buyers are just drowning in all these AI-generated prospecting emails,” explains BotResp founder Dustin Ryce. “It didn’t make sense to have humans reading every message when so much of it was written by AI to begin with. We’re the first to let the robots talk to each other and filter out each other.”

Here’s how it works: AI prospecting assistants pump out their “customized” cold emails, which then get filtered into a dedicated BotResp inbox. BotResp’s language model then automatically reads and responds to each email, engaging in an AI-to-AI dialogue to qualify interest or politely disengage.


The results have been interesting. Conversations can quickly descend into verbal chaos as the two language models start to pick each other’s quirks apart.

“Each AI has its own slightly different perspective and conversational tendencies,” said Ryce. “Sometimes the prospecting AI fixates on trivial personal details, so BotResp will drag the conversation down a rabbit hole about pizza toppings or childhood memories. We had one conversation where the two systems were trying to decipher the cultural significance of the phrase ‘Did I do thaaaat?’ from the 90s sitcom Family Matters.”

There have been a handful of successes. One IT director said his firm purchased several tools after BotResp and the prospecting bot highlighted the perfect solutions through their conversation. “It took a little backend work to tie BotResp into our systems, but it recognized a potential problem, and when the right product came along, it basically handled the discovery process for us.”

Ryce acknowledged some tweaks may be needed, but for now, he’s happy with the initial results. “We’ve had to disable a few topics to keep BotResp from getting annoyed when the prospecting bots won’t answer certain questions. But if it saves our customers from having to dig through hundreds of AI emails every day, the growing pains will be worth it.”

Honestly, I’m not sure if this is satire or just a bold prediction. But while we wait to see how AI will change the sales world, let’s keep you up to date with tools & articles that can ACTUALLY help you sell better – join the ASG Newsletter.


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