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BANT, 1950ish – January 1, 2024

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April 3, 2024

The sales community bid farewell to BANT, which peacefully passed away after decades of ‘guiding’ sales professionals. Born in the golden era of traditional selling, BANT was 72(ish).

BANT’s journey began in an era when sales calls and Rolodexes were the cutting edge tools of customer management. It quickly became the backbone of sales strategies, revered for its straightforward approach to qualifying prospects. “BANT was a true pioneer, always asking the tough questions: Do you have the budget? Are you the decision-maker?” recalled a sales veteran, now a resident of the Sunset Meadows Retirement Home.


“BANT was a true pioneer…”

However, the relentless advance of digital transformation and evolving customer sophistication slowly diminished BANT’s relevance. The emergence of inbound marketing, social selling, and hyper personalization introduced nuances far beyond BANT’s binary questions.

Sales managers and sales reps, who once swore by BANT’s teachings shared mixed eulogies. “I’ll miss its simplicity,” said one manager, “but not its rigidity.” A younger rep in attendance add, “Asking for a budget upfront was like asking a first date to move in with you. You’re just begging to be ghosted.”

As the sales world turns the page, it’s clear BANT’s departure marks the end of an era. Rest in peace, BANT; your service will forever be remembered, though your methods, perhaps, won’t be.

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