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Gap Sell Keenan 61: Customer Centric Attitudes, Stay Out of Sell Mode

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August 9, 2023

Put Your Customer First: Embracing a Customer Centric Attitude

Customer centricity and problem centricity are the future of sales and marketing. Rather than pushing your products or services, customer centric businesses are now prioritizing their customer’s struggles and problems. At the heart of this practice lies empathy – the ability to understand and resonate with the problems and struggles of your buyers. Empathy in sales is not about being sympathetic towards your clients but rather actively listening and genuinely connecting with them to offer a tailored solution to their unique situation.

Show notes:

2:20 – What is Melt Studio

8:42 – Stay out of Sell Mode

10:17 – You need to have empathy for the client and where they want to go

13:13 – Connect with your buyer

16:00 – Stop selling, start trying to understand. The problem appears when you understand not when you’re trying to find the sale.

What does it mean to have a Customer Centric Attitude?

Customer centric sales is a business philosophy that places the customer at the core of your decision making processes. Shifting the focus away from making sales, hitting quotas, and feature dumps towards building long-term consultative relationships with the customer. In a customer-centric or problem-centric approach, we’re digging into our Ideal Customer Profile and identifying the common challenges and struggles and aligning the problems we can solve with these ICPs. Putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes presents valuable insights into their motivations for change and their common concerns allowing you as the salesperson to tailor your sales strategies accordingly.


The Role of Empathy in Sales

You ever been to some sort of social event and there’s one person who seems to get along with everyone. They talk to each person and when they leave everyone wants to talk about how great they are? Think about the conversations you’ve had with this person? They’re genuinely interested in you. They ask questions about you. They rarely talk about themselves unless prompted. Their understanding of the human connection and empathy is what makes them so interesting. In sales empathy provides the same value.

At its core, empathy is the capacity to understand and share the feelings, perspectives, and experiences of others. In sales, empathy means actively listening to the buyer, seeking to understand their unique challenges, and putting yourself in a position to help. Exhibiting empathy in a sales call creates a safe and trusting environment for the buyer to open up and be vulnerable with you. You are moving beyond the transactional aspects of selling and focusing on building a relationship with yourself as the problem solution expert.

Your ability to connect through empathy will allow your customers to feel confident opening up about their deepest concerns which allows you to build the gap and provide a personalized solution. People are drawn to authentic and human-centered experiences, it doesn’t need to just be in social settings.


Stay Out of Sell Mode

Salespeople, we’re hustlers, we want so badly to help (ideally) as many people as we can as quickly as possible. Some of us have half of our pay or more on the line with each call. I get it, but as they say quality over quantity. You’ve already spent time researching and personalizing your outreach to get the attention of the prospect. Don’t lose that edge now. You’ve had the patience needed to get to the discovery, remain patient and stay focused on learning about the customer. You’ve gotta get deep in the areas where you could potentially help.

Utilize your PIC and dig in deep to the problems you solve and the potential impacts for the client. We’re trying to build a tailored solution that only you can provide. You’re gonna need a lot of details on which pieces of the puzzle you can help with and which ones the client wants but won’t ultimately effect their bottom line.

Tailoring Solutions

If you haven’t read this post, you should. Sales demos, solutions, presentations, whatever you want to call them should never include the word “if”. When they do, you’re either unprepared or you’re grasping at straws. Your demo should be tailored to solve the problems you’ve uncovered. We’re sharing the features that address the specific needs of the prospect. You may find a feature interesting but if it has nothing to do with the problem the prospect is trying to solve you’re burning credibility with each word. Again, empathy, this isn’t about you or what features you like, this is about he client and what features will be beneficial to them reaching the outcomes they’re hoping to.

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