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How to Give Value in Your Cold Sales Emails

November 23, 2022

We’ve got work to do. Grab a pen, take notes, and let’s get down to it.


Your cold sales emails, cold calls, and outreach suck. Here’s why and here’s how to fix it.

This is the best advice I have when it comes to getting prospects and buyers to respond to you. Listen to me very carefully, as an outbound rep or a marketing employee, your number one job, if you’re going to generate any sales, is to get your prospects or buyers to respond to cold sales emails, respond to your cold calls, respond to your outreach.

That’s it. That’s your goal. If they don’t respond there is no sale, there’s no opportunities, there’s nothing in the pipeline, all of your work on your email campaigns was a waste of time. So, everything else that comes after it is a complete waste of time if you can’t get this right.

This shit fires me up because I’m tired of it. You guys suck at it. There’s billions of dollars being spent on training to help you get this straight and you don’t get it right.


The #1 Cold Email Tip

So here’s the number one thing you need to do to get someone to respond to your email or your cold call. Offer something. Offer something of value, please!

Don’t just send a cold sales email that says ‘hey I want 15 minutes of your time to tell you about my product or I want 15 minutes of your time to talk about a connection, or I want 15 minutes a half of your time’ to talk about whatever you want to talk about. What’s in it for me? I am busy, so are all your buyers and prospects – what the hell are you offering for that time? Tell me seriously.


End the Stupid Sales Scripts

I’m offended by all the stupid cold sales emails you send out and so are your prospects. We’re sick and tired of it. The funny part of it is I know that any of you executives who are here you get tired of the too because they send you the same stupid shit.

You’re getting the same stupid emails but you let your sales team run around sending these stupid emails and calling with these stupid call scripts and all the other stupid stuff asking for time.


Stop Being a Beggar

An ask for time is like asking for money.  You don’t go out on the street and say ‘hey can I have 10 – 20 bucks?’ You’re being a beggar. That’s the bottom line. There’s my new thing you. You outbound SDRs, outbound salespeople – you’re beggars. You’re not offering anything of value.

You’re not selling anything, you’re not saying ‘hey I’ll sell you this for fifteen minutes of your time, I’ll sell you this for a half hour of your time because this is worth it.’ No, you just want my time because you’re a beggar and might as well stand on the street corner with a sign ‘can I please have fifteen minutes of your time, I need a job, I need to make quota.’

You’re a digital beggar. Stop it. So I’m going to do this the soft and sweet way. Marketing, sales leaders, everybody – get in a room, sit down and help your sales team craft valuable emails and valuable call scripts that offer something of value to your targeted prospects and your targeted ICPs.


Offer Your Prospects Value

Offer them something that they will make them willing to exchange that 15 minutes of their time for. Something that will make them read your email or take your cold call and think ‘I’ll give you 15-20 minutes for that, I’ll give 15 minutes to learn this, that’s valuable for me.’

Now you stop being a digital beggar and you actually start providing value to your buyers and prospects. Until then, just stop. I’m sick and tired of it so is every other buyer on the planet.

If you want to check how your cold sales emails are currently stacking up try this: Sales Email Response Scorecard


If you or your organization need help finding the value you provide to clients, click here to schedule a call with our sales team.


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