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Standing out as a Salesperson

May 4, 2024

Beyond the Job Title

Yes, I know. You’re a sales guy or gal. But who are you?

When you attach your name to a salesperson or sales leader, or accountant, or teacher, or plumber or whatever, how does that change the moniker?

How is (insert your name) the salesperson different than all the other salespeople out there? What does your name add to the simple and faceless moniker of salesperson?

Too often we let the title tell our story. We say we’re a salesperson, a teacher, a fireman, a CEO to tell our story. We let the vague be our headline.

The moniker, the job title doesn’t describe us. We describe it, in how we go about the job. We give life to the title, so we should be deliberate in how we do that.

Who are you?


Differentiate Yourself

Oh, you’re a salesperson, what makes you great? How do you bring the job of salesperson to life? Why you over other salespeople?

Answer these questions well, with depth, with integrity, and with authenticity and it will be much easy to answer the question. Who are you? At least when it comes to your job.


[For true enlightenment and growth do this for every role in your life that matters: Father, Daughter, Husband, Wife, Friend, etc.]


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