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Gap Selling Testimonial: Delivering BIG Results with Gap Selling

April 13, 2022

I love the success stories I get from people who’ve read Gap Selling.  It’s a blast to read when people share their own personal success stories about how Gap Selling has changed their career, earned them the top spot in the company, helped them reach Presidents Club, or helped them make more money.


I never expected the level of success Gap Selling would have or the impact it would have on readers’ sales careers; it’s been amazing to read about.


With that, I received this email the other day and I had to share. Eric got an early copy of Gap Selling and has had about a year to measure its effects.

Gap Selling

Gap Selling in Action


Hi Keenan,

First of all, thank you for allowing me to be an early reader and adopter of your GAP Selling methodology. I have to say that your book literally closed a gap in my career and way of thinking.

Let’s get to the impact of GAP Selling since integrating it at the end of 2018:

  • Avg Sale improved from $45k in 2018 to $105K in 2019. I’d say each sale is more complete and involves a larger product/service mix to solve their business problem. Also, budget is much less of a discussion than before due to the value of solving these business problems.
  • Annual sales improved from $850k to $1.3M (Note that I sold $1.3M in 8 months of selling before getting a promotion as Director)
    • Next, the closest salespeople sold $380k and $290k for the 2018 year. Those same two salespeople have chosen NOT to adopt GAP Selling and are sitting at less than $300k each for the 2019 year.
  • Value to client and client satisfaction has gone through the roof…I know this is not a quantifiable measure, but here is an example of an email sent to my CEO after spending 4 hours with a prospect (multi-hospital health system in Kansas) doing a discovery call with 17 stakeholders (C-suite, VPs and key Directors) in the room. And yes, the prospect has become our client with a first-year contract value of $250k.


“WOW!!  I have to tell you THANK YOU for hiring Eric!  His presentation today at my new workplace made me look good!!! lol  Everyone on the team was very impressed and are super excited to learn more about (your company) and how we might be able to work together in the future!

Our CMO, Nancy Lewis, — my boss – is interested in a “xxxxx” too! 

Anxiously we are keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to afford to work together!!

Again, Eric did a fantastic job!!!”

I have been able to personally add much more value to our organization outside of sales as well.

  • We completely rebuilt our website around GAP Selling.
  • We have completely shifted our marketing strategy.
  • We have improved our internal processes for operations, customer service, innovation, hiring, etc…

As a result of added value and new methodology, I have been promoted as Director of Business Development. I am now in a hiring phase and will be implementing GAP Selling as a core to our process.

I firmly believe that GAP Selling plays a critical role in my personal success, but more importantly, it has established more value and better results with existing and new clients. We have already started to see an increase in client retention, but time will tell if this is a blip or trend.

Thank you, Keenan. Maybe one day while visiting a client in Denver I can shake your hand and buy you a beer.

— Eric


Emails like this make it all worth it. I wrote Gap Selling to help salespeople and change the way we sell. The sales world is in desperate need of new and more progressive ways to help buyers buy. We needed to change the way we sold, and Gap Selling was my attempt to make that happen. Getting messages like this just reinforce the mission and validate that we’re on the right track.


Thanks Eric, getting your email made my day.


Read Gap Selling and want an extra boost to your sales? Reach out to our sales team.


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